代表取締役 松浦 哲也

Encounter to make and meet.

We do not have a physical store and do not carry out mail order. We choose a sales style that opens stores for a limited time at events and commercial facilities in each region. The reason is "I want you to meet your own hat at that place." The more you wear a hat, the more your face will be. I like design. I like the material. You can choose any reason. Even people who have never touched hats can enjoy it.

Originally I worked as a manufacturer of clothes, but as I studied various fashions, I encountered the fun of making hats. Depth of design, craftsmen I met in various places, abundant materials ... What I felt and joyful in meeting each other. Those crystals are AURA hats. I wanted to deliver these hats to you, and the mobile hat shop AURA started.

Designers and craftsmen and materials, store staff and you ... Various “meetings” are packed in each hat. The journey continues to meet you and your hat.

CEO Tetsuya Matsuura